We offer


to improve effectively communication

and work performance within organisations

Training for organisations

Due to Covid-19 many organisations are facing a challenging time. It is our task and responsibility to help an support eachother. This is why we have developed  training programs suitable for your company.  While working remotely, we help your teams and teamleaders to develop effective communication skills, team cohesion, leadership skills, overcoming conflict and improving productivitiy.


We help companies to build teams, to improve clarity in comunication, to build trust and achieving team's commitment.

Individual coaching

Coaching has multiple benefits and we offer a wide range of coaching sessions such as:

• coaching for performance 

• coaching for goal setting

• coaching for meaning 

• coaching for purpose

• coaching for personal growth 

• coaching for effective decision making

• coaching for career change

• coaching for work / life balance 

• coaching for stress management 




        Leadership development 

We have different programs for leaders who want to improve their attitude and ability to lead in order to facilitate the company's strategy.


Approach your succes as of "many in body, one in mind".

mind-boost.nl leadership the Netherlands

For now there is no certainty of when this crisis will end. Let us use this opportunity for learning and growing and we will come out better than ever.   This crisis has created an environment which can either be viewed as terrifying or thrilling. As an individual or as a group, this is the time were we have the opportunity to experience  another level in our existence. We can help each other grow. Opportunities will be opened that will also benefit the company and your own social life.

I am reminded every day of my life,

if not by events,

then by my wife,

that I am not a perfect man. 


- Barack Obama -



'Alice has provided me with career-focused coaching and advice. Pursuing career advancement is more than simply delivering project products, it’s also about how you interact with your colleagues and how you judge and manage yourself.  The discussions I’ve enjoyed with Alice have highlighted areas where I could improve my self-management and judge myself more effectively.  I now feel stronger within my highly competitive work environment.'



’Highly pragmatic consultations. Never left without a valuable new tool in my backpack. Thank you very much.“

Thank you again for your support, you‘re doing a great job. Keep on it.'