To bring creativity, inspired motivation and organizational collaboration to organisations and theirs employees.


To empower organisations and its individuals to create and to expand their horizons.

Company values

Love: we do what we love and we love what we do. Passion is one of the key elements to strive towards strategic goals and to tap into self-motivation.

Empowerment: we believe in empowered individuals who transform the culture of organisations.

Strong sense of purpose: we believe that personal fulfilment comes from a strong sense of purpose. Personal purpose shapes personal vision and mission thus helping to expand personal and organizational horizons.

Intellectual stimulation : we believe in an organizational environment in which it is safe to have challenging conversations and in which everyone feels safe to share personal perspectives.

Well-being: at Mind-Boost we believe that mental health is one of the key factor which contributes to boost a culture of well-being and kindness within organizatiojss.

Strategic Creativity: organisations are at the forefront of social and technological innovation. In order to fullfill their vision and mission, organizations need a creative strategy.  At Mind-Boost we believe  that tapping into strategic creativity.


Women's experience cannot be generalized. That is why we have specialised programs. 

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to improve effectively communication and work performance within organisations


Member of de Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP), membership number 227357. 

Member of De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Dramatherapie (membership number 109273) under the Federatie Vaktherapeutische Beroepen (FVB).

[prestatie code 24514;  AGB code 90105160;  code for Studio Therapy Revolution 90064432]

Member of de RBCZ foundation for professionals

Member NFG, as a registertherapist, nr. 210155R

KvK number: 66515734