Alice Bertoldo Pschologist

Nice to meet you. My name is Alice and I am the owner of Mind-Boost.  Mind-Boost is a practice and specially  for companies and organisations we developed several methods to become stronger.  I gained a master degree from the University of Padua.  Next to my experiences working with companies concerning teambuilding and individual coaching I also possess a double master degree in Women’s and Gender studies from Utrecht University and Granada University.



Empowerment, Create and Innovate, people within organizations is what Mind-Boost believes in. We believe that companies become stronger through empowerment of people and creativity-in action.


To help people and their organizations to strive, be inspired and work together efficiently.

Academic Publications

 I have several academic publications. One of them is Zantedeschi, P., Tozzi, E., Bertoldo, A. (2012). The importance of the operational network: The experience of Padua’s women centre. Interdisciplinary Journal of Family Studies, XVII, 2, 2012, Zantedeschi, P., Tozzi, E., Bertoldo, A. (2012).

ISSN 2282-2011. Please ask if you are interested in other publications.