Coaching for women

Women's experience cannot be generalized. Every woman's experience is based on different identity's aspects such as: social class, sexuality, education, health status, nationality and so on. Managing bias and limited beliefs about one's own potential is a key aspect within the social network of an organization.

Mind-Boost provides coaching for individuals or for groups around the following themes:

  • building managers' skills and foster inclusive teams
  • creating a safe and supportive culture 
  • empowering each others in order to progress to overstep "the broken rung"   (McKinsey & Company,  Women in the Workplace, 2019)
  • adding more balance between work and private life 

“Companies should do everything they can to make their workplaces more fair—starting with putting best practices in place to get bias out of hiring and promotions. When you take bias out of the equation, women will finally get the equal chance they’ve always deserved. Everyone will.”


– Sheryl Sandberg and Rachel Thomas -